Chatime is a franchise founded in Taiwan with over 800 retail outlets across 32 countries like United Kingdom, France, USA, Canada, Dubai, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and of course, Malaysia!

As one of the top beverage companies in the world,  Chatime Malaysia aims to be everyone’s favourite beverage by revolutionizing the drinking culture in our country. We prepare only hand-made beverages with freshly brewed tea, coffee & chocolate drinks prepared on site topped with our freshly made toppings to make sure our fans get to enjoy only the best, highest quality of fun drinks!

Chatime is built on dedication to quality — we grow most of our tea, coffee beans and cocoa largely because we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what it takes to make perfect cup of tea, coffee or chocolate based drinks. What better way to ensure it’s exactly right, than if we plant the seed and harvest the leaves ourselves?

Quality in the Chatime context means product as well as service — we’ll never settle for OK when amazing is always in reach. We know that it’s our attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Our attitude towards chasing greatness affects every aspect of our business, and our success is bound to us getting this right. We have great recipes, and even greater teams at our outlets — it’s this combination that makes Chatime everyone’s favourite beverage brand!